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Customer support is our #1 priority.

Please find some general info about the AFR+ listed below. Be sure to also navigate to the tech note section for each specific vehicle using the year / make / model search above. If you require additional assistance then please contact us by email or phone.

Understand How to Use Dielectric Grease - DO NOT APPLY TO TERMINALS - VOIDS WARRANTY
Dielectric Grease is an insulator. The use of dielectric grease in electrical connections is to help insulate the wires and seals coming into a connection. DO NOT apply to the actual electrical terminals in the connector because it can interfere with the electrical signals passing through the connector.

Understand Adjusting the Modes and Setting the Auto-Tune AFR Values
Please make check sure you understand the AFR gauge's LED functionality before advancing through technical support. Please go through the AFR+ Unit Functionality page and view some of the sample videos.

Understand Diagnostic Mode
The AFR+ system is an AFR gauge first and can be used to diagnose problems with your vehicle. At times you will need to enter the diagnostic mode to understand how your vehicle is operating. Watch the video and learn the steps here.